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Inside And Outside Thread Insert Making Special Transfer Machine

Inside And Outside Thread Insert Making Special Transfer Machine

SZ-110HV3-7WF inside and outside thread insert making rotary transfer machine Rotary transfer machine with 6 -station, 3 -direction and 7 -axis. Boring/tapping/groove tools import hydraulic configuration combined special machine with Italian technology to processing inside and outside thread......
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SZ-110HV3-7WF(11).jpginside and outside thread insert making rotary transfer machine

Rotary transfer machine with 6-station,3-direction and 7-axis. Boring/tapping/groove tools import hydraulic configuration combined special machine with  Italian technology to processing inside and outside thread insert Special custom-made bed structure adopts HT300 integral casting.According to the process, three times of aging treatment.Minimize internal stress and ensure no variation.All the holes and datum of the power head to be installed shall be processed in one time by CNC 5-surface machining center to ensure the fitting accuracy.

As a processing unit, machine tool can be economically to process small or large quantities of complex parts.

This machine adopts the schneider programmable controller system operation, the operation is flexible and convenient, guarantees the machine tool high efficiency.It is convenient to assemble and processing products in multiple directions at one time.The wide operation window facilitates the entry of the workpiece and speeds up the replacement time of the clamping workpiece. 

When the machine tool clamps the blank, the 6-station wheel will rotate in vertical direction, with synchronous clamp is in 5 clamp 1 open.The functional power head is to process boring,groove tools and tapping synchronously, make the finished product can be processing in one-time, once the lean production,lean manufacturing.


processing product inside and outside thread insert
power 32.5*50%
processing efficiency 8.5s/pcs
perform actionboring/tapping/groove tools
processing modewater cooling
chip conveyor chain-plate chip conveyor
loading/unloading system
automatic hoister vibrating disk loading/unloading workpiece




Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of high -end precision transfer multi-axis combination.Provide station body design.power head.Fixture modular design.Provides a highly  flexible combination .Effectively provide customer product solutions.It is widely used in water heating,valve,weiyu,refrigeration and auto parts.

The servo hydraulic multi-spindle combined processing machine is a special machine tool for automatic combined processing,high precision and high efficiency,in order to simplify the processing operation and save the use's maintenance,this product ordinary cnc machine tools,and the processing process can also be intelligently tested.Double -positive machine tool servo hydraulic multi-spindle combined processing machine will become the valve,pipe products and other three-way products processsing industry edge.

In recent years,shuangzheng machine tool spends nearly 10 million yuan on innovation and development every year,and there are many senior r&d personnel in the industry,mainly designing high-efficiency special machine equipment for customers,Two are machine will r&d investment risk to themselves,to provide non-standard products prior to batch processing equipment,double are machine tool with the first teast car into the research and development and production,which can provide customers accurate with a professinoal and effective technical solutions and efficient equipment,make customer in a short time can get the required equipment,for customers to develop new products to market provides a strong support

our serviece                                                                     

After-sales service

From the date of purchase, if the product has a quality problem in the normal use case:

1. The whole machine is changed within three months, with a free warranty within one year and limited maintenance within three years.

2. Two years of free warranty for parts damage.


1. The purchase date shall be subject to the date of purchase invoice (no purchase invoice is subject to production date).

2. No barcode and serial number products are not responsible for after-sales service.

3. Quality issues do not include the subjective objections of the user to the sound quality, timbre, etc.

4. Replacement or warranty service is limited to the use of the general effective: all the artificial damage, such as the user to tear open machine, use, improper connection access inappropriate voltage of power supply, not in accordance with the manual use, etc.), due to transportation and other accidental damage, natural disasters and other force majeure, such as maintenance and modification of approved by the company is beyond the scope of free warranty replacement or;The maintenance services are properly charged.

5. Only functional repair for the service of discontinued model products (appearance may differ from original product)

6. The warranty service does not include the shell, the instruction manual and the packaging

3. Please bring the warranty card and the original purchase invoice when requesting service.Please keep the warranty card and the purchase invoice.The warranty card must not be altered, otherwise it will be invalid.

Please read the product instructions carefully before using the products

(note: the company reserves the right to the final interpretation of the after-sales service of the product)


Q1. How can I get a quotation? 

A.  Leave us massage with your purchase requirements and we will reply you ASAP. And you may contact us directly by Trade Manager or Telephone.


Q2. Can you provide customized machine or SPM (Special purpose machine)?

A.  Yes, we provide smart solutions for our customer, in order to increase efficiency.


Q3. Can you provide training for operation CNC machines?

A. Yes, free training in our factory is available.


Q4. How about your price?

A. Send me details about what you need, you will get the best price in China. The price is competitive over the world.


Q5.What's your warranty terms?

A.One year warranty for normal use and we supply maintenance for free.


Q6.What kind of payment methods do you support?

A. We support payment methods such as L/C, T/T, DP, DA and so on


Q7.Do you have a professional technician?

A. Yes, our company has a team of professional engineers from Taiwan.


Q9.What is the technology adopted by the machines in your factory?

A.Our factory adopts mature Italy sub technology.

If  you interested,please contact me.





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