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Hot Sale Brass Ball Valve Transfer Rotary Machine

Hot Sale Brass Ball Valve Transfer Rotary Machine

COMPANY Product advantages time finish 2.high efficiency 3.quoting ltalian technology 4. A professional engineer is Taiwan drilling hole boring hole tapping hole PRODUCT INTRODUCTION SZ-110HV3-11WF Italian technology.transfer vertical rotation 8 station 3 direction 11 axis .broing/tapping......
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Product advantages time finish

2.high efficiency

3.quoting ltalian technology

4. A professional engineer is Taiwan

         drilling hole                    boring hole                  tapping hole

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION                                                           


Italian technology.transfer vertical rotation station 3 direction 11 axis.broing/tapping transfer safety valve processing special machine  

This machine adopts schneider PLC programmable controller control.The operation control is flexible and convenient.Can connect intelligent manufacturing control system.Ensure the efficiency of machine tools.The device has a wide operating window.Convenient workpiece entry and fixture replacement.

The workpiece is clamped in the machine tool one-time  Armor,8station Vertical rotation of station rotary table.Synchronous clamp turn 7 close 1 open.Each functional power head,Three directions simultaneously complete broing/tapping  process.According to customer product drawing processing standard requirements.To complete the finished product in one time.Lean production.

The bed structure is made of HT300 as a whole.According to the process, three times of aging treatment.Minimize internal stress.Ensure no deformation.All holes for power heads and datum plane. The five-sided CNC machining center is used for one-time processing.Perfect to ensure mounting accuracy.

MACHINE CORRELATION INFORMATION                                    

CNC and accuracy of machine tools are the key

Machining precision is one of the important indexes to evaluate machine tool characteristics.

Machining precision is one of the important indexes to evaluate machine tool characteristics.There are many factors influencing the precision of parallel machine tools, which can be classified into two aspects:

1.According to the variation characteristics of error over time, it is divided into static error and dynamic error.Static error, it is to point to without considering the deformation of tool case, parallel machine tool plant in constant loading are in a state of static equilibrium at the end of a taste of a tool, and machine tools are not affected by load case tool position at the end of the differences.It is mainly affected by the error of machine tool structure parameters and the load deformation of parts.The thermal deformation in the process of processing will also cause the deviation of the end tool posture, which is a slow and quasi-static error source

Dynamic error "refers to the machine tool under the action of dynamic cutting force, cutting force of volatility, volatility of spare parts and machine tool system of driving force and caused by vibration, impact, such as flexible, tool position and ideal position at the end of the lead to deviation

2.According to the factors causing the error, it is divided into geometric error and physical error.

Geometric error refers to the geometrical size error in each section of May Day which constitutes the machine tool.Parts manufacturing tolerance, installation error, drive joint displacement error and other geometric errors.Physical error refers to the error caused by environmental factors, such as temperature change and stress, which leads to the error of end-effector of machine tool.

The following standards are used to evaluate the CNC transformation:

The investment of transformation is less than 30% of the price of the new machine tool, and it can achieve 70% ~ 80% efficiency, which is considered successful.The payback period of the reconstruction input fee is less than half of the payback period (generally 5 ~ 6 years) of the new machine tool investment fee (generally 2 ~ 3 years), and the reconstruction is valuable.

There are exceptions.If the key equipment of a project is purchased from a foreign country, its delivery time and price are not acceptable, its reconstruction evaluation criteria shall be considered separately.


processed productsafety valve
power (kw)71.3*50%
Equipment size (length *width*height)m6.2*3.2*3.2
Exection of figuresboring/tapping
upper and lower feeding systemmanual feeding/blanking
processing efficiency s/pcs5
chip removal machinechain plate chip removal machine
processing methodwater-cooling processing

COMPANY INTRODUCTION                                                                           

Multiaxial servo turntable type combined machining plane is combination of automation, high precision efficient special machine tool, in order to make the processing operation more simple, user maintenance more worry, this product USES the digital process control.Second, the machine tool processing efficiency is more than 10 times of the ordinary CNC machine tool, the processing process can also be intelligent detection.Double normal machine tool servo multi-axis combination machine will become valve, pipe products and other three - way products processing industry processing tools.

It has always been a concern of manufacturing enterprises to improve the production efficiency of products and reduce the labor cost in production and processing.Shuangzheng machine tool is an enterprise closely following the trend of The Times. Based on the manufacturing trend of "machine for man", the company has made a lot of research and development investment.The product that double positive machine tool brings to the customer, it is the important push that can create more benefit for the enterprise.In order to meet customer demand for improved productivity and substitution "machine", the company in 2016 in research and development innovation into the cost of nearly ten million yuan, has developed many customers for efficient processing equipment.Among them, the company's characteristic all-servo hydraulic truck type 6 station 8-axis combination processing special machine and 16 station valve automatic assembly machine have become the highlight of the yuhuan machine tool exhibition.Shuangzheng machine tool for the vast number of manufacturing machine tool users developed innovative processing equipment, users have more and better choices in the "machine replacement".

The two machines on the stand of double normal machine tools have their own characteristics.A full 6 station 8 axis servo waterwheel type combination processing plane powerful, high machining accuracy, processing a common PPR ball valve only about 4.5 seconds or so, far beyond the traditional nc machining equipment efficiency;Another 16 station valve automatic assembly machine with intelligent detection function, only one person operation can replace 8-10 people's manual assembly work.From the point of view of production efficiency, double valve automatic assembly machine is machine 16 workstation can rival a assembly line production capacity, but it covers an area of more conventional assembly line can save 80% of the production area.

our serviece                                                                      

Before sales

our professional tachnical recommed the right machine and can also customise special machine as customer's requirement and special parts

sales following

during machine production watching the machine quality and testing machine and take pictures or make video for customer checking

After sales

we will send technical go to customer's factory to install and adjust machine

we have after-sell service to supply all life-time machine maintance and repairment service


1. how can I get a quotation?


A.please leave the message with the machine which you want to buy by my e-mail,and you also can  contect us directly by trade manager or telephone.


2. what is the price of your machine?


A.the price of our machine is according to tne product’s process program that you offered  to confirm.


3.what is your guarantee period?


A.our machine have a twelve-month guarantee.if you have any question,contect me and we will offer the help to you.

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