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Rotary Transfer Machine One-time Processing Valve Special Machine

Rotary Transfer Machine One-time Processing Valve Special Machine

SZ-110-150HV3-9WF Italian technology.transfer vertical rotation 8 station 3 direction 9 axis .broing/tapping/groove tools transfer bathroom faucet valve processing special machine This machine adopts schneider PLC programmable controller control.The operation control is flexible and......
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SZ-110HV3-9WF 3.jpgItalian technology.transfer vertical rotation 8 station 3 direction 9 axis.broing/tapping/groove tools transfer bathroom faucet valve processing special machine  

This machine adopts schneider PLC programmable controller control.The operation control is flexible and convenient.Can connect intelligent manufacturing control system.Ensure the efficiency of machine tools.The device has a wide operating window.Convenient workpiece entry and fixture replacement.

The workpiece is clamped in the machine tool one-time  Armor,station Vertical rotation of station rotary table.Synchronous clamp turn 7 close 1 open.Each functional power head,Three directions simultaneously complete broing/tapping/groove tools  process.According to customer product drawing processing standard requirements.To complete the finished product in one time.Lean production.

The bed structure is made of HT300 as a whole.According to the process, three times of aging treatment.Minimize internal stress.Ensure no deformation.All holes for power heads and datum plane. The five-sided CNC machining center is used for one-time processing.Perfect to ensure mounting accuracy.


Servo transfer machine to market support, continuous pursuit, in the passing of time, the whole servo transfer machine believe that effort is more important, also in the change of time, the whole servo transfer  machine  with strength to speak.The powerful all-servo transfer machine knows better to serve the market, makes its own contribution to the market demand, and persists in serving the market.Constantly improve their image, constantly improve their service capabilities, trust the support of the market.All-servo water vehicle absorbs the update technology, all servo transfer machine more hope the market can understand themselves.

Feel the market support, feel the development of the beautiful.The all-servo water vehicle is so lovely, and the strong vitality makes the all-servo transfer machine  respond to the call of The Times and respond to the importance of development.All-servo transfer machine in the constant challenge, only do the best all-servo transfer machine, believe that their efforts can bring more help to the market.With continuous development and continuous practice, the all-servo water vehicle has responded to the development needs of the market and cherished more development opportunities.

Innovation, endless pursuit is endless, the way of innovation, the whole servo transfer machine is so cute, all servo transfer machine dares to challenge, actively participate in the competition, actively cope with all kinds of conditions.The full-service transfer machine  with strong vitality is worthy of users' trust. The full-service transfer machine is not only the representative of strength, but also the beloved of the industry.

Mechanization of production to promote the progress of the society, to speed up the development of economy, we are now in a mechanized society, information society convenience to our life, and mechanization of production to meet the production requirements, we have a lot of at the same time, the whole servo waterwheel became the common need of various industries.

Products sell well or not is an expression of the product quality, and on the quality of the product depends on many aspects, like the quality of the product itself, as well as the product is fine, then there is the demand of people, etc., in the field, the whole servo water wheel is not the same effect.

Whole servo transfer machine application field has a lot of, the key is the quality of the whole servo tra is good or bad, the effect of different whole servo transfer machine is different also, this is the whole servo transfer machine strength contrast, compare the product scale, and a comparison of product quality, can be seen, the strength of the whole servo transfer machine is important, with the strength to take on high and low is the goal of the whole servo transfer machine to.


processed product:Water watchcase

power (kw):48*50%


Equipment size (length *width*height)m:4.8*3.6*3.2

Exection of figures:boring/tapping /groove tools

upper and lower feeding system:manual feeding/blanking

processing efficiency s/pcs:14

chip removal machine:chain plate chip removal machine

processing method :water-cooling processing

_20180514123822Zhejiang shuangzheng machine tool co., LTD was established in August 2015,"Double positive machine tool" is a manufacturing enterprise which makes machine tool equipment for high end intelligent automatic machine processing for water heating and valve industry.The technical quality of the company's products,It focuses on the application technology of machine tool manufacturing in Italy and Taiwan.

The invention provides a special valve machine for rotary transfer machine,belonging to the field of mechanical technology,It solves the problem that the existing valve processing efficiency is not high,The rotary transfer type valve special includes a base frame,frame side sets in parallel with the base surface of the spindle and set in the main shaft on the turntable and the edge of the turntable uniform have chuck,chuck four,two,three and collet chuck frame side at the edge of the rotate in equipped with number of spindle head,no,2 main shaft power head,3 main shaft power head and 4 main shaft power head is opposite each other and located at both sides of the rotate, one spindle head set on the main shaft is rear,The power head of the second spindle is set directly below the main shaft,and the power head of the third spindle and the power head of the fourth spindle are set directly above the main shaft,This rotary transfer machine has the advantages of high machining precision and high machining efficiency.

our serviece                                                                     

Before sales

our professional tachnical recommed the right machine and can also customise special machine as customer's requirement and special parts

sales following

during machine production watching the machine quality and testing machine and take pictures or make video for customer checking

After sales

we will send technical go to customer's factory to install and adjust machine

we have after-sell service to supply all life-time machine maintance and repairment service


Q1. How can I get a quotation? 

A.  Leave us massage with your purchase requirements and we will reply you ASAP. And you may contact us directly by Trade Manager or Telephone.


Q2. Can you provide customized machine or SPM (Special purpose machine)?

A.  Yes, we provide smart solutions for our customer, in order to increase efficiency.


Q3. Can you provide training for operation CNC machines?

A. Yes, free training in our factory is available.


Q4. How about your price?

A. Send me details about what you need, you will get the best price in China. The price is competitive over the world.


If  you interested,please contact me.





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