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CNC lathe processing should pay attention to six aspects
May 30, 2018

I. reasonable selection of cutting amount


For efficient metal cutting processing, the processed materials, cutting tools and cutting conditions are the three elements.

These determine the processing time, tool life and quality.

The economical and effective machining method must be a reasonable choice of cutting conditions.

Three elements of cutting condition: cutting speed, feed quantity and cutting depth directly cause damage to the tool.

As the cutting speed increases, the temperature of the tool tip will increase, which will lead to mechanical, chemical and thermal wear.

Cutting speed increases by 20%, cutting tool life decreases by 1/2.


The relationship between the feed condition and the wear behind the tool is produced in a very small range.

But the quantity of feed is large, the cutting temperature rises, the wear behind is big.

It has less effect on cutting tool than cutting speed.

Although the cutting depth has no great influence on the cutting speed and the quantity of feed, when the cutting depth is small, the hardened layer of the cutting material will also affect the tool life.

The user shall select the cutting speed according to the material, hardness, cutting condition, material type, feed quantity, cutting depth and so on.

The most suitable processing conditions are selected on the basis of these factors.

Regular and stable wear to reach the life is the ideal condition.

However, in practice, the choice of tool life is related to tool wear, machining dimension change, surface quality, cutting noise, machining heat and so on.

When determining the processing conditions, it is necessary to study according to the actual situation.

For difficult materials such as stainless steel and heat resistant alloys, coolant or rigid blade can be used.


2. Choose the tool reasonably


1. For rough car, choose the tool with high strength and good durability, so as to meet the requirements of large back feeding knife and large amount of feed.


2. Select the tool with high precision and good durability to ensure the precision of machining.


3. In order to reduce the time and convenience of tool changing, the machine clamping knife and machine clamping blade should be adopted as far as possible.


Iii. Reasonable selection of fixtures


1. Try to use universal clamping device for clamping workpiece, avoiding the use of special clamping device;


2. The positioning standards of parts overlap to reduce positioning errors.


4. Determine the processing route


The machining route refers to the movement path and direction of the tool relative to the parts in the process of precision CNC lathes and CNC lathes.


1. The processing precision and surface roughness shall be guaranteed;


2. The machining route should be shortened as far as possible, and the tool empty travel time should be reduced.


5. Processing route and machining allowance


Under the condition that CNC lathe processing has not reached universal use, the excess residue on the blank should be generally arranged on the general lathe, especially the residual amount containing forging and casting hard cortex.

If it is necessary to use CNC lathes, attention should be paid to flexible programming.


Key points of fixture installation


The hydraulic clamping and hydraulic clamping cylinder connections are implemented by rod, hydraulic clamping clip critical points are as follows: first of all with a moving hand nut on the hydraulic oil cylinder, tubing, and from the spindle backend, reoccupy move hand chuck fixed screw, can unload chuck.


The above six matters concerning precision CNC lathes and CNC lathes are expected to be of help to you.

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