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automatic assembly machine
May 15, 2018

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Informally, refers to the products of several parts assembly by fitting, card buckle, threaded connections, adhesive, riveting, welding together get in accordance with a predetermined size precision and function of the finished products (semi-finished products).The assembly which is realized by the manual processing (contact, finishing, grasping, moving, placing, applying, etc.), strictly speaking, can only be called manual assembly.Assembly that does not require manual processing (contact, finishing, scraping, moving, placement, etc.) can be called automatic assembly.Intermediate between the two is semi-automatic assembly.



1. Component orientation, delivery and escapement system.

The disordered parts are arranged automatically according to the spatial orientation of automatic processing of the machine, and then smoothly transferred to the subsequent escapement mechanism to prepare for the subsequent grasping of the manipulator.

2. Grab - shift - placement mechanism.

The zero (part) that will be fixed by the escapement will be seized or vacuumed, then moved to another position (usually the assembly position).

3. Assembly work organization.

Refers to the mechanism used to complete the assembly work, such as pressing the workpiece into, clamping, screw, card, bonding, welding, riveting, bonding, welding to the last part.

4. Detection mechanism

It is used to detect the work of the parts or machines assembled in the previous step, such as missing parts detection, dimensional detection, defect detection, function detection, and clear material detection.

5. Removal mechanism of the workpiece.

An organization used to separate qualified parts and nonconforming parts from the machine.



The transmission structure

1) according to the flow time consistency of the assembled workpiece in the machine, there is a gap moving assembly machine and a continuous moving assembly machine.

2) according to the number of working positions in the assembly machine, there are single position assembly machine and multi-station assembly machine.

3) according to the transmission trajectory of the workpiece in the assembly machine, there are round working table assembly machine and ring working table assembly machine.


Control system

The PLC is usually controlled by PLC, which receives input of various signals and sends instructions to the executing agencies.The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors to monitor the operation of each actuator in the machine. After judgment, the next step is issued.The man-machine interface is used to show the operation of the machine, the running record, and the instructions from the operator to the machine.

Automatic assembly machine

Applicability of automatic assembly machine:

In recent years, with the development of China's economy, more and more enterprises of labor disputes and problems of bad management employees are frequent, more and more companies are choosing automated mechanical assembly, as foxconn in recent three years to add 1 million robot to solve the problem of employees. Of course, depending on the industry, the application of the automatic assembly machine and different nature. Automatic assembly machine according to different industries can be divided into the following kinds

1. Electronic and electric light touch switch assembly machine, relay automatic assembly machine, reset automatic assembly machine, transformer automatic assembly machine, etc.

2. Hardware casters automatic assembly machine, bearing automatic assembly machine, toy automatic assembly machine, gear automatic assembly machine, tooth box automatic assembly machine, etc.

Automatic assembly machine also applies to home appliance, automobile industry, in general, automatic assembly machine will be a kind of trend of factory industrialization.


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